One Rule For Them… G7 Leaders Fiddle While the Global Economy Burns

Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and other world leaders have been accused of breaking strict social distancing rules at the G7 summit in Cornwall over the weekend. Indeed, not just breaking them, but of making no effort to pretend they’re complying with them. The MailOnline has more.

At a beach barbecue on Saturday guests were served sirloin steak and lobster while being entertained by a sea shanty group and a Red Arrows flypast. …

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab insisted “there was social distancing” at the event when asked about it on Sky News on Sunday morning.

“Maybe someone tripped up, maybe it’s a mistake but it’s out there and people will be reasonably saying, ‘You’re not allowing me to gather with my friends and family at a wedding or a funeral, but look at what you guys are doing,”’ interviewer Trevor Phillips said.

Raab responded that there have always been different regulations for social gatherings and government business.

Downing Street has also defended the barbecue, insisting it complied with coronavirus rules.

Less than 30 guests were at the event, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said.

“The event last night was done in an entirely Covid-secure way within the existing rules,” the spokesman said.

You can read that piece here.

Among those questioning the world leaders’ double standards is Robert Peston, the ITV presenter, who posted a picture of attendees of Saturday night’s barbecue on Twitter.

Another person who’s been shocked – shocked, I tell you – by the behaviour at the G7 is James Delingpole. He’s written a piece for Breitbart headlined: “No Masks, No Distancing – The Disgraceful Covid Hypocrisy of the G7 Elite.

At least one good thing has emerged from the G7 summit: we now know that President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Bieber of Canada and the various other world leaders who’ve been sunning themselves in Cornwall are ocean-going, copper-bottomed hypocrites.

Note how their personal rules on mask-wearing, “social distancing” [an egregious oxymoron], quarantining and so on differ quite markedly from the ones they’ve been imposing on us ordinary folk these last 18 months.

Worth reading in full.

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