One in Ten Britons Wants Lockdown Restrictions to Last Forever

There’s a horrifying story in the Sunday Times that lays bare the terrible psychological damage wrought by the mind-benders of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour (SPI-B), who, as we know, deliberately set out to ramp up “the perceived level of personal threat” using covert psychological techniques. The story is about the “Covid worriers” – those poor folks who’ve been terrified out of their wits by the endless fear-mongering propaganda pumped out by the Government and the mainstream media, particularly the BBC. Among the revelations are:

  • A study by Ipsos Mori involving 4,896 adults found that 34% of Britons believe lockdown restrictions are still necessary
  • A study of almost 200,000 users of Kooth, an online mental health forum, found last week that 41% of users “feel nervous every day”
  • A study by the polling firm Opinium found that one in ten Britons want lockdown restrictions to remain indefinitely

The Sunday Times has some heart-rending case studies:

Long before the emergence in India of a dangerous new Covid variant, Hayley Martin was worried about the easing of lockdown restrictions in Britain and the prospect of “going out and interacting with people again”.

The government’s warnings last week of the new threat to the nation’s health have redoubled her fears of leaving her home in Congleton, Cheshire. “We’ve tried to go out, but it’s been really anxiety-provoking and stressful,” she said. “My imagination runs wild.”…

For James Bailey, a 36-year-old care worker who lives with his 69-year-old mother on the Isle of Man, lockdown was compounded by the island’s isolation from the mainland. Bailey used to travel periodically to London, but his worries about going somewhere and bringing back a dangerous variant were now “sky-high”, he said.

The Isle of Man’s last confirmed Covid case was on May 2 and “people don’t want Covid back on the island”, Bailey said. “The thought of going away makes me anxious. I haven’t left the island for over a year.”

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: BBC News has published a piece in which it has asked various scientific “experts” how they’re intending to behave after some restrictions are relaxed on Monday. Sounds like nearly all of them belong to the 10% of the population who want lockdown to last forever.

Stop Press 2: Laura Dodsworth, who’s book A State of Fear: how the UK government weaponised fear during the COVID-19 pandemic is published on Monday, wrote a piece for the Mail on Sunday about why it is so many people are gripped by an irrational fear of the virus.

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