Anti-Lockdown March in London

Anti-lockdown protests are taking place across the world today. Above are protestors streaming through Central London this afternoon. Needless to say, the BBC has yet to cover this, although one Lockdown Sceptics contributor estimates the turnout at 100,000. More later.

Stop Press: Still no coverage of the march by 4.30pm, other than this short snippet posted on the Guardian’s ‘Covid Live’ page. Just “several hundred” protesters outside Broadcasting House, London, according to one of the paper’s reporters.

Stop Press 2: Nothing on the BBC front, too though editors have found the time to publish stories on cattle grazing in gardens and “a lost whale” on the BBC News homepage, under the banner “Must see”. And, of course, on the pro-Palestine protest.

Stop Press 3: BBC News has stuck a report about an anti-Israel protest in London on the front page of its website. But still nothing about the anti-lockdown protest.

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