New Postcard From Back To Normal Promotes Ivermectin

The anti-lockdown group Back to Normal, which campaigns by delivering postcards door to door by hand – and has delivered over half a million to date – has produced a new postcard (see above). Geoff Cox, one of the organisers of Back to Normal, explains what it’s about:

To take advantage of not having to talk about lockdowns (for the moment), Back to Normal are teaming up with the growing number of medical and scientific voices calling for Ivermectin to become the drug of choice in combating COVID-19. If we can bring this to the attention of doctors, MPs and the general public, there will be no excuse for governments around the world to ignore it any longer. This is a win/win for us as either governments will use Ivermectin and the Covid crisis is over, or they don’t and it will be confirmed that governments are working to a different agenda.

If you are not yet up to speed with Ivermectin, The Ivermectin Story is a shortish video which will show you why we are so excited about this development.

Please order your boxes of postcards for delivery door to door by emailing

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