Two Covid Deaths Reported in Last 24 Hours

While the number of Covid cases increased slightly this week, the number of reported deaths fell by 86%. MailOnline has the story.

Coronavirus daily deaths tumbled by 86% from 14 to just two in a week while cases rose slightly by 6% in the same period as official figures show a third of U.K. adults are now fully vaccinated against Covid.   

The latest Department for Health figures show that the number of daily virus cases rose from 1,671 to 1,770 on last Sunday while the number of Covid deaths plummeted in further evidence of the efficacy of vaccines. 

Official figures also show that more than 17.6 million people have now received both jabs, with England and Northern Ireland both estimated to have given two doses to 33.6% of their adult population – slightly ahead of Wales (33.4%) and Scotland (33.1%)…

Meanwhile, 35,371,669 people in the U.K. have now received a first dose of vaccine – the equivalent of 67.2% of the adult population.  Wales has given a first dose to 76.2% of its adult population, ahead of Northern Ireland (66.9%), England (66.8%) and Scotland (65.4%).   

The Prime Minister should go much further tomorrow than simply announcing that hugging will be “allowed” from May 17th.

Worth reading in full.

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