Just 32 people in Hospital with Covid After Vaccination

Just 32 vaccinated people were hospitalised with COVID-19 in recent months, according to “extraordinary” real world data showing the effectiveness of Britain’s immunisation programme. Scientists are preparing to hand findings to the Government’s advisers on Thursday, showing the dramatic impact of first doses on hospitalisations and deaths. The Telegraph has more.

The findings revealed by the Telegraph will… raise questions regarding the Government’s caution about the return to normality, and reluctance to promise any new freedoms for those who have been vaccinated.

On Tuesday, Mr Johnson said he saw no reason to deviate from the “cautious but irreversible” roadmap.

He said “science is helping us to get back towards normality” as he set out aims to develop at least two new treatments that people can take at home if they test positive for COVID-19.

The research on COVID-19 patients admitted to UK hospitals examined the outcomes for all patients – including those who had received at least one jab, and had sufficient time to build immunity. Early findings show that of 74,405 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospitals between September and March, just 32 had received a vaccine at least three weeks before.

Scientists said the findings – which amount to around one case per 2,300 patients – showed that vaccines worked “extraordinarily well”, offering protection far above the levels which had been anticipated.

The full data is due to be handed to ministers later this week, after updated findings are passed to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) on Wednesday.

Worth reading in full.

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