Will British Travellers to France Pose as Lorry Drivers to Avoid PCR Test Bill?

A reader has drawn attention to the likelihood of some people posing as lorry drivers to avoid paying hefty PCR test fees.

According to the Government’s website, lorry drivers and hauliers can now get tested while on the road.

This means that they can travel from services to services between drops and get tested according to the following rules.

When to get tested

You will need to take at least three tests, if you will be staying in England for 10 days or longer.

You must take the first test within two days of your arrival. The day of your arrival is counted as day zero.

You must take the second test three days after your first test and the third test three days after your second test.

So if your first test is on day one, your second test will be on day four and your third test on day seven.

If your first test is on day two, your second test will be day five and your third test on day eight.

Apparently, these tests are free.

I wonder what will happen if they put France on the “red list”, as Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden seems to be considering… I suspect if you are a haulier you will still be able to come in from France – otherwise, where will all the food come from?

As has been seen from a previous LS post where the author set up a “removals” company and went skiing, one thinks this could be open to abuse.

I live five minutes away from the 24 hours South Mimms testing centre – I do wonder what is to stop me from getting free tests. Also, I wonder if van rentals will start popping up as members of the public suddenly become hauliers to find a reasonable excuse to go abroad!

Stop Press: In England, Lloyds Pharmacy is cutting costs for PCR tests to the bone by undercutting Boots by (wait for it!) £1! Its now only £119 per test with them, which means the cost of the PCR tests you’ll need to go on a trip to France has been slashed from £360 to £357. Bon voyage!

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