Quarter of Over-80s in England Likely to Have Received Both Vaccine Doses

A quarter of England’s over-80s are likely to have received both their doses of the Covid vaccine, according to NHS England figures. The Express and Star has the story.

A quarter of people in England aged 80 and over are now fully vaccinated against Covid, new figures suggest.

An estimated 25.5% of people in this age group had received both doses of the vaccine as of March 21st.

In some regions the proportion is even higher, with an estimate of 26.1% for south-west England and 30.6% for north-east England and Yorkshire.

They also suggest 3.5% of people aged 75 to 79 have had both doses, along with 1.5% of the 70 to 74 and 65 to 69 age groups.

A small number of younger adults in England are now fully vaccinated, including 2.8% of 50-54 year-olds and 1.7% of those aged 16 to 49.

Meanwhile, an estimated 87.0% of people aged 50 and over in England have now received their first dose of vaccine, including 80.0% of 55 to 59 year-olds and 65.0% of 50 to 54 year-olds.

The speed of the vaccine rollout has not, however, quickened our exit from lockdown. MPs have just voted to renew the Coronavirus Act for a further six months, and Matt Hancock has said he “cannot answer” whether the Act will be retired then or rolled on again.

The report on England’s Covid vaccine progress is worth reading in full.

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