Covid “Certificates” Under Consideration for Large Events

The Government is considering introducing Covid “certificates” without which people would be unable to attend larger events post-lockdown(s). Reports suggest the documents would show whether individuals have had a vaccine or tested negative in the last few days. The Guardian has the story.

Coronavirus “certificates” that would show whether people have had a vaccine or a negative test are being considered by the Government as a way of getting people back to larger events, the Culture Secretary has said.

Oliver Dowden told Sky News that he hoped people would be able to return “in significant numbers” from June 21st if “all goes to plan”.

“We’re piloting the different things that will enable that to happen – clearly it will have to be done in a Covid-secure way,” he said. 

There would be tests of one-way systems, masks and hand-hygiene, he added. “Another thing that we are considering is a Covid certification, and we will be testing whether we can use Covid certification to help facilitate the return of sports.”

He said final decisions had not been made and the department was working with the Cabinet Office minister, Michael Gove, who is leading a review.

Dowden said: “Social distancing makes it very, very difficult… for theatre productions to be run profitably. It makes it very, very difficult for our football clubs to run profitably if you have to have those large distances between people.” But the Government was proceeding with caution because it wanted to ensure a “permanent reopening”.

The Sun reports that the scheme will be “piloted indoors at the World Snooker Championship at Sheffield’s legendary Crucible on April 17th, and then outdoors too during the FA cup final on May 15th at Wembley”.

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: A reader has got in touch to point out that if the vaccines don’t stop people catching the disease and transmitting it, but only reduce the severity of the symptoms, what’s the point of vaccine “certificates”? People allowed into football matches who’ve been vaccinated will still be able to infect others.

Yesterday I received a Government leaflet – “COVID-19 Vaccination; A Guide for Older Adults” – along with an invitation to have the vaccination. It includes the following sentence (p.11): “We do not yet know whether it [the vaccine] will stop you from catching and passing on the virus.”

This is astonishing and contradicts all the propaganda that the Government pumps out daily. If it isn’t known whether the vaccine will prevent infection or transmission of COVID-19, how can it possibly be used as a ‘passport’ when the passport holder could have – and be able to pass on – the virus? In the Government’s own words, the statement on page 11 undermines its whole case for vaccination passports.

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