‘Back to Normal’ Supports Anti-Lockdown Candidates in May Elections

There follows a guest post by Geoff Cox, one of the organisers of the Back to Normal postcard campaign. Back to Normal aims to deliver one million postcard summarising the case against lockdowns and has already dispatched more than 400,000.

With the chance to make a complaint through the ballot box approaching, now is the time to order our new postcard and deliver them to houses throughout the country. Email us backtonormalrh@yahoo.com and order a box or two of our Back to Normal postcards; deliver them in the spring sunshine and get a bit of free vitamin D as a bonus.

We are not back to normal and we must register our complaint in the May elections. If not, the Government and Opposition will take it that the electorate approves of their destructive lockdown policy. Our postcard supports any sceptical candidate whether they are standing for one of the new Parties (Heritage, Reclaim, Reform, Freedom Alliance, etc.) or as an Independent.

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