“All the Modelling” Predicts Another Covid Surge This Year, Says Chris Whitty

“All the modelling” suggests there will be another Covid surge this year, Professor Chris Whitty has warned MPs. The Telegraph has the story.

The Chief Medical Officer told the Science and Technology Committee that despite the success of the vaccine rollout, some people couldn’t or wouldn’t have it. There are also some people for whom the vaccine would not be effective, he noted. 

“Even if you have a relatively small proportion of people still remaining vulnerable, that still equates to a very large number” who could be at risk from Covid, Prof Whitty said. 

He added: “All the modelling suggests at some point we will get a surge in the virus. We hope it doesn’t happen soon – it might happen later in the summer if we open up gradually, or if there is a seasonal effect it might happen over the next autumn and winter.

“But all the modelling suggests there is going to be a further surge, and when it happens it will find the people who have not been vaccinated or where the vaccine has not worked. Some of them will be hospitalised and sadly some of them will die.”

As Toby asks, if another Covid surge is predicted for later this year, why are the Nightingale hospitals being closed?


Worth reading in full.

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