Calls to Child Abuse Helplines Surged to Record High During the Pandemic

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) have reported that the charity experienced a 36% increase in calls to its helpline in the first six months of the 2021/22 financial year than it did in the same six month period of the previous year, leading to a record high. The Head Helpline of the NSPCC stated that “the risk of abuse has gone up since the start of the pandemic”, mentioning that vulnerable children were away from adults who could have provided support. RT has the story.

“The number of calls concerning child sexual abuse or exploitation reached a record level during the pandemic, a U.K. charity has reported.

“This reached a record high of 4,735 reports, a 36% increase in the first six months of 2021/22 when compared to the same six months of the previous year,” the NSPCC said in a statement.

The NSPCC specified that 40% of 3,560 messages on abuse where the time frame was known were reported to have happened in the last six months, while 60% of them referred to earlier dates. According to the Press Association news agency, which was provided with additional data, more than 1,500 messages received by the NSPCC were referred to authorities for further investigation.

According to NSPCC Helpline Head Kam Thandi, the organization is concerned that “the risk of abuse has gone up since the start of the pandemic” with children more vulnerable and out of sight of adults who can protect them.

The Everyone’s Invited website, launched in April by the NSPCC and the Department for Education as a helpline for those facing abuse and harassment in educational settings, has become an opportunity for many to raise their concerns, Thandi claimed. The helpline will be extended until the end of this year, the Department for Education confirmed.

Other charities and child abuse victims reacted to the NSPCC’s report by expressing support for those who contacted the charity. 

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: The Everyone’s Invited website was not launched by the NSPCC and the DfE, as RT claims. That’s an absolute howler and is a reminder that RT is not always a reliable source.

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