You Are Magical, Extraordinary, Cool and Beautiful

We’re publishing a new piece today by Dr. Sinéad Murphy, an Associate Researcher in Philosophy at Newcastle University and Daily Sceptic regular. In this article, she responds to Dr. Will Jones’s essay about the unholy trinity – Covid, Climate Change and Critical Theory – that is being used by governments around the world to exert more and more control over their populations. Here is an extract:

There is a shop on the high street of one of Newcastle’s suburbs. On the window is emblazoned: “YOU ARE MAGICAL, EXTRAORDINARY, COOL AND BEAUTIFUL.”

To whom is the statement addressed? According to a 2019 study, over half of adults in this country are overweight or obese; up to 2018 at least, more were repeat users of opioid painkillers than in any other country in the EU; and during three months last summer, six million people in England were prescribed anti-depressants just to get through the day.

Whoever the shop’s sign is describing, it is not likely to be any of the beings of flesh and blood who daily pass it by.

Worth reading in full.

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