Vaccine Efficiency in Preventing Transmission Dramatically Declines Over a Six Month Period, Research Shows

The Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen vaccines have been discovered to offer poor long-term effectiveness against contracting Covid. Although vaccine effectiveness remained high in preventing hospitalisation and death, protection against the transmission of Covid over a six month period dropped from around 85% for all three vaccines to 58% for Moderna, 43% for Pfizer, and to as low as 13% for the Janssen jab. RT has the story.

Covid vaccine effectiveness against both infection and death was studied in three U.S. approved jabs – the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA shots, and the Janssen viral vector vaccine.

Having analysed data from 780,225 U.S. veterans of different ages and sexes between February and October, researchers came to a disturbing conclusion. Vaccine protection against Covid infection dropped from 89.2% at its highest to a low of 13.1%, according to a joint study by the Public Health Institute, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the University of Texas Health Science Center, published in the Science journal on Thursday.

While effectiveness against infection in March was 89.2% for Moderna, 86.9% for Pfizer, and 86.4% for Janssen, by September there were massive declines to 58%, 43%, and 13% respectively.

The emergence and dominance of the Delta strain of the virus during the time of the study may have played a role, researchers said, adding that vaccine protection waned across all studied age groups.

Worth reading in full.

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