And Finally…

In the latest episode of London Calling, James Delingpole and I discuss Macron’s toys-out-of-the-pram reaction to the AUKUS deal, the glorious prospect that lockdown zealot Justin Trudeau will end up with fewer seats in the Canadian federal election than he did in 2019 and James’s gleeful contamination of my brand.

I was referred to in the Belfast Telegraph on Friday as a “renowned anti-vaxxer”, even though I think it’s sensible for people in vulnerable groups to have the Covid vaccine (just not anyone else). I blame James for this career-ending misunderstanding – it must be because I’ve given up arguing with him when he describes the Covid vaccines as “kill shots” and links them to his crackpot conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and the Great Reset.

You can listen to the episode here and subscribe on iTunes here.

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