England Fans Told Not to Travel to Rome for Quarter-Final Match

Thousands of UEFA officials have been given a free pass to avoid travel quarantine rules when travelling to the U.K. to watch Euro 2020 matches, but fans are given no such leeway. England supporters have been told not to travel to Rome this weekend to watch the quarter-final match against Ukraine, with a minister saying in a teacher-to-pupil-like fashion stay home and “challenge [yourselves to make the players] hear us from Rome”. Sky News has more.

The Three Lions beat Germany last night to set up a showdown in Rome with Ukraine but travel restrictions mean most England fans will not be able to soak up the atmosphere and the summer heat in the Eternal City.

Italy is on the U.K.’s “Amber List”, and all U.K. arrivals in Italy currently have to isolate for five days.

Speaking to Sky News, Government Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan called on England fans to “watch from home and to cheer on the team as loudly as you can”.

“Obviously it is very difficult not to smile just to see all those wonderful flags waving, it just makes you so proud of our team doing so well last night,” she said.

“But really, the ask is to watch from home and to cheer on the team as loudly as you can.

“I think the challenge is can they hear us from Rome? And I’m sure we’ll take up that opportunity to be as supportive as we can of our amazing England team.” …

Those visiting Italy must have proof of a negative coronavirus test taken in the 48 hours before they travel.

Upon arrival, all passengers from the U.K. must fill out a passenger locator form before completing five days of isolation.

If they have proof of a negative Covid test, a traveller can be released after those five days.

However, this means even if fans board a flight to Italy on Wednesday, they will still have to isolate until at least Sunday likely having to watch the game from a hotel room.

The Government’s travel rules mean fans would have to isolate again upon returning to the U.K..

Worth reading in full.

If any England fans are planning to make the trip, and have thought of a cunning way to get into the stadium, please email us here.

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