£1,750 for This! “Prison-Like” Conditions Persist at Government-Approved Quarantine Hotels

It would appear that conditions at quarantine hotels – where travellers from “Red List” countries must self-isolate for 10 days, costing them £1,750 – have not improved since they were accused of being “prison-like” last month. Then, some guests complained of a deterioration in their mental and physical health while being forced to stay in these hotels. Now, many of the problems persist, as the MailOnline reports.

President Hotel, in Guilford Road, London, is described on its own website as the “perfect base” that allows guests to enjoy “all that London has to offer”.

But for some travellers who are spending their 10-day quarantine period there after arriving from Red List countries, it has been a “nightmare” as they complain of the “prison-like” conditions that are being enforced…

Garikayi Madzudzo made an official complaint regarding the quality of food to Imperial London Hotels, the company behind the three-star President Hotel.

He says he has been forced to order food and drink from other outlets as what was offered to him did not meet “acceptable food standards”…

Garikayi, along with several other travellers, shared pictures of the food they were provided by the hotel – including a small muffin, baked beans, lunchbox-sized carton of apple juice and a single hash brown for breakfast…

Guests have been left to question why they have security guards posted outside of their rooms for large parts of the day, and insist they are only allowed out for 15-minute exercise slots in the barricaded hotel garden…

[One] couple who have been staying in President allege the hotel forgot to bring them two meals on occasion – meaning they resorted to sharing one small dinner between the pair of them.

After just four days of quarantine, Thomas Cookson said the staff had managed to lose his suitcase – leaving him without clothes or toiletries…

A spokesman for Imperial London Hotels said: “At this stage we have no comment.”

Worth reading in full.

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