Dating Apps Partner with Government to Enable Users to Swipe Past Unvaccinated Singles

Some of Britain’s leading dating apps are encouraging their users to display a badge on their profile to show they’ve been vaccinated against Covid in a new partnership with the Government aimed at boosting vaccine uptake. Badges will enable users to quickly reject those who, whether out of medical necessity or personal choice, have not been vaccinated. Some platforms have also developed a new feature allowing users to display their preferences regarding social distancing and mask-wearing when meeting in person. The website has the details.

From today (June 7th, 2021), the country’s leading dating brands will add new features to their apps and websites to support the Government’s “every vaccination gives us hope” campaign. The campaign encourages younger people to get their vaccine in the second phase of the rollout, and join the millions who have already received their jabs.

The new features will allow users to show their support for the vaccine on their dating profiles and give in-app bonuses to those who say they are vaccinated.

Features will include vaccination badges and stickers to display on dating profiles, free “super likes” and other boost-type features.

Users will also start seeing adverts and banners for the “every vaccination gives us hope” campaign.

Although providing vaccination status on these apps is optional, data has shown that people are more likely to date someone who has received a Covid vaccination.

A recent YouGov poll conducted on May 21st also shows 31% of adults would prefer to date someone who was vaccinated and a further 28% would not date someone unless they had received the jab.

The website features some example of how dating platforms will encourage users to get vaccinated.

Tinder: members will be able to add a variety of stickers to their profile including “I’m vaccinated” or “Vaccines save lives”, with Tinder giving those who support the campaign a free “super like” to help them stand out among potential matches. Tinder will also launch a “vaccine centre” with a suite of resources to educate and connect members with their nearest vaccination site.

Match and Ourtime: members will be able to add a new badge to their profile to display their vaccine status, with those who participate in the campaign receiving a free “boost” to help them stand out on the app. Match’s AI-enabled dating coach, Lara, will also encourage Match users to get their vaccination badge…

Bumble: the popular women-first dating app will enable people in the U.K. to add a “vaccinated” badge to their profiles. For those who apply the badge, Bumble will offer complimentary credits for premium features such as Spotlights and Superswipes. People on Bumble will also be able to share Covid preferences, letting them easily communicate how they are comfortable dating: outdoors or indoors, how they feel about crowded spaces, and their expectations about masks and social distancing. Bumble will also leverage their social media channels to amplify the need to get vaccinated.

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: “Another reason to get the jab,” says Matt Hancock.

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