Majority of Brits “Worried” About Ending of Lockdown Restrictions, According to New Survey

Recent reports on the level of fear over Covid in Britain significantly understate how anxious people feel about returning to life as normal, according to new polling. Over 60% of respondents in a new poll for the Independent say they are worried about the ending of social distancing and mask-wearing. This is far higher than the level reported in recent polling from Ipsos MORI (12% and 21% said they were “not looking forward” to abandoning social distancing and giving up face masks respectively). Perhaps far more are suffering from “Covid Anxiety Syndrome” than we previously thought. The Independent has more.

A large majority of Britons are “worried” about Boris Johnson’s plan to remove all remaining coronavirus rules this month…

Some 65% of people said they are worried about scrapping the “one metre plus” rule, which requires venues to use screens, or seat people facing away from each other, and prevents ordering at bars with table service required instead.

There is similar concern about removing the need to wear masks in many settings (63%) and about allowing unlimited numbers into concerts, theatres and sports stadiums (60%).

Reopening nightclubs alarms 58% of people who responded to pollsters Savanta ComRes, with 49% nervous about scrapping limits on the size of weddings and funerals…

The poll of 2,180 people conducted between May 28th and 30th revealed the Government does not have majority backing for lifting all restrictions, with only 45% in favour and 42% against.

Crucially, when confronted with specific curbs to be removed, a much smaller minority is “not worried” about ending social distancing (33%), mask-wearing (35%) and attendance limits at events (37%).

The greatest public concern centres on lifting all foreign travel restrictions – with 69% of people fearful.

Worth reading in full.

Stop Press: Shame on those peddling fear,” says Co-Founder of Time for Recovery Alan Miller.

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