“I Hate Neighbourhood Snitches”

A reader spotted a good comment by someone styling herself “Delores” on Nextdoor.co.uk, a website that hosts numerous local forums. This one was headed “Neighbourhood Snitches”:

I hate Neighbourhood Snitches. Unbelievable, after over a year in lockdown, a family decides to have a celebration in their garden with just a few family and friends and their neighbour opposite – not next door, opposite! – decides to take a photo of them in their garden, post the photo on a neighbourhood WhatsApp group asking whether they should report them and one of the group members informs them to contact the police!!!

The neighbour complains that the family are disturbing them. The police show up and stop the celebration. This is on a beautiful Sunday evening between 6-7Pm. The disturbed neighbour had their window open whilst taking the photo. How disturbed were they really?? This is the calibre of neighbour living on XXXXXXX Road. You know who you are. I hate Neighbourhood Snitches!!!! And the police need to find better ways of spending their time!!!

The reader replied to this person in the forum:

Magnificent comment, Delores. Do, please, one day go to the War Tunnels in Jersey (if you’ve yet to do so). The tunnels – built by the Germans – now house a museum about Jersey’s wartime occupation. There is one exhibit which it is impossible to forget: a small rather crumpled piece of paper on which, in faint pencil, are written two names – those of a father and son who listened to a radio [banned, of course]. The note was written by a neighbour informing the Germans. Father and son were shot.

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