Just Five New Covid Deaths Recorded in Last 24 Hours

Britain’s daily coronavirus deaths fell by nearly 30% today, as the number of people who have received a second dose of a Covid vaccine soared past 17 million. MailOnline has more.

Officials also recorded just five lab-confirmed deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid swab, 28.6% less than the number recorded a week ago.

The latest figures show that nearly 35.2 million Britons have been given at least one dose of Covid vaccine, after another 119,349 first injections were administered yesterday.

The NHS also dished out a further 449,716 second doses, bringing the total number of people fully vaccinated against the disease to 17.2 million.

Some 66.8% of adults have had a first jab, while nearly a third have had their second.

Worth reading in full.

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