Poetry Corner

There’ll Be A Day
by Jonny Peppiatt

There’ll be a day when we’re together again,
A day when we laugh, smile, and hug our friends.
There’ll be a day when we can all be free,
To think and speak, to believe and to be.
There’ll be a day when our lives are our own,
To live as we please, and not be alone.
There’ll be a day when we worry about dates,
About what to wear, and about being late.
There’ll be a day when we’ve got things to do,
And when half the world doesn’t fear the ‘flu.
There’ll be a day when we pack all the pubs,
Have a few pints and then head to the clubs.
There’ll be a day when every single thing
That we’ve been denied comes back, beckoning
For one and all to just stand and sing
In one grand chorus as every note rings

Rings out and remembers that we’re together;
Human beings, to each other tethered,
Connected by more than country or race,
Yet connected by just a smile on a face,
Connected by the desire to embrace,
Connected by our need for those days.

And those days are coming back with a kiss;
I promise you hugs, freedom, joy and bliss;
I promise you time with loved ones long-missed;
There’ll be a day soon, I promise you this.

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