Vaccine Passports Parliamentary Debate on March 15th – Write to Your MP

We’ve received a “Call to Action” on vaccine passports from Liz Evans at the UK Medical Freedom Alliance that we thought we’d share with readers.

UKMFA Vaccine/Immunity Passports Campaign

In the lead up to the Parliamentary debate on Vaccine/Immunity Passports next Monday March 15th, the UK Medical Freedom Alliance is mounting an email/letter campaign to MPs, expressing opposition to this measure.

On our website we have created a Template Letter for you to send/email, along with a copy of/link to our Open Letter on Vaccine/Immunity Passports that we sent to Government, Ministers, and relevant authorities just over a week ago.  Please share this campaign on all your social media channels and websites, and with all your contacts.

In the Open Letter we detail our grave legal, ethical, and medical concerns, in response to recent rhetoric from government and private businesses, regarding the introduction of Vaccine/Immunity passports.  We urge a return to individual responsibility for our own health and argue that it is disproportionate and unnecessary to go down the route of further restrictions and loss of freedoms that a Vaccine/Immunity Passport would entail.  We argue that Vaccine Passports represent a dangerous path which has no place in a democratic and free society, and which would be a profoundly illiberal, undemocratic, and un-British policy.

We are asking our supporters to send a copy of the UKMFA/Lawyers for Liberty Open Letter to their MP, and have also created a Word Doc Template cover letter for you to use – see this link for all the letters/information.

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