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Another Postcard From Manila

by Kyle Helke My wife and I are employed in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. This summer we took some time off to visit family back in the U.S. and Italy, where my wife is from, and enjoyed breathing fresh air, taking our young son to the playground, going out for ice cream – you know, all the normal things that humans do that we haven't been able to do over the past year because of the draconian restrictions imposed by the Philippine Government. It certainly was a breath of fresh air. Despite all of the madness going on in both the U.S. and Italy right now, I am still green with envy at the freedoms enjoyed by the people living in those places. It jarred my brain to meet people this summer who have never had to submit to (multiple) PCR tests. You can imagine our morale as we returned to Manila a few weeks ago (we are contractually bound by our job). Here in the Philippines, it's as if time stopped in April of last year. Still, you must wear both a face mask and shield when you leave your house. Still, children under 18 and senior citizens are technically not allowed to leave their houses (although this summer that loosened up a bit, but after two ...

Postcard From Romania

We're publishing a new addition to our ongoing series 'Around the World in 80 Lockdowns' on the Daily Sceptic today – a Postcard From Romania, where the vaccine rollout has stalled in spite of a clinic at Dracula's castle.

Postcard From Toronto

We're publishing a new postcard today on Lockdown Sceptics, our first in a while. This one is from Catherine Brennan in Toronto, which has been in lockdown in one form or another since last November.

July 2024
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