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The Rise of the Expertocracy

The Rise of the Expertocracy

At the beginning of the first lockdown, some commentators welcomed the opportunity to spend more "quality time" with their families. But as Dr Sinéad Murphy points out, many families couldn't cope with the extra burden.

The Rise of the Expertocracy

by Sinéad Murphy An article published in the British Medical Journal in July 2020 reported that the first month of the Covid lockdown had seen a 1493% rise in cases of abusive head trauma in young children in the UK. To every expected case of abuse of a young child leading to head injury, the UK Government’s lockdown immediately added almost 15 others. The statistic is monstrous. Are those who contributed to it monstrous too? It is easy to dismiss them as so. But those of them who had been violent to children before Covid must have been supplemented by those who had never done such a thing before in their lives. They are not monsters. They just couldn’t cope. When I gave birth to my first child, I received an NHS starter pack. Included in it was a leaflet, with advice on what to do if you felt like shaking your baby. It seemed to me an unlikely prospect. But there is really no knowing what tiredness, isolation and the demands of care can do to a person. I came quickly to appreciate why the NHS distributes that leaflet. We do not always judge physical abuse of children to be monstrous. We acknowledge that it can be the effect of adverse conditions in which anyone might struggle to cope. ...

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October 2022
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