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Chased By Edinburgh’s Keystone Cops

by an Edinburgh University student "What's that you say? Tories on the beach? We're on it, Chief." I joined a couple of dozen fellow students at Edinburgh for a birthday party on a secluded beach outside the city last week on the same day that Sir Patrick Vallance announced what we were doing was harmless. “It’s difficult to see how things like large beach gatherings lead to spikes”, he told Parliament hours before we all took Ubers to Lothian’s pretty seashore. That was confirmed by Professor Mark Woolhouse: “There were no outbreaks linked to public beaches – There’s never been a COVID-19 outbreak linked to a beach, ever, anywhere in the world.” We pay attention to Prof Woolhouse because, in addition to being SAGE's SPI-M committee on pandemics, he’s a top Edinburgh University epidemiologist. Unfortunately, Police Scotland was not following the science, as I will shortly reveal. Since arriving at university last Autumn, I’ve witnessed how parties halls of residence are invariably raided by campus security or police officers. Usually, it’s fellow students objecting to the sounds of revelry and loud music who then dob us in to the authorities. Aside from that, students have endured periods in quarantine when they or someone on their floor tests positive. When that happens, you're banned from leaving your rooms and fed packed ...

June 2024
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