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“Is the trade-off b...
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“Is the trade-off between freedom and safety an illusion?” Frank Furedi

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“Is the trade-off between freedom and safety an illusion?” – Professor Frank Furedi
* Question Everything conference, London 17th July.
* An excellent talk about freedom and security in our current situation
* Too many good point to summarise here. I urge everyone to listen - it's only about 20 minutes,
"I think the task of people like ourselves at this conference is to get across the very simple message - a very, very important message - that trading in freedom does not make people feel genuinely safe. We need to get across the message that its' when we act as free citizens - when dare to act as free citizens, when we leave our homes, and go out there and go into the public spaces and engage with one another that we begin to feel a sense of solidarity - gaining strength from each other - that's when security really comes into its own. "
https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=xzeFfQQHGWs&t=18375s