27 March 2021  /  Updated 17 July 2021
England must severe...
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England must severe the link to head gear

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There are certain advantages to the Catholic faith, we are quite comfortable with defying moral imprecations( that’s just the old normal) Moral authority in England is assumed to flow from the Queen to Parliament to you, I’m not sure it’s any better than downwards authority from Rome. The greatest freedom of being a Catholic has always been to be free of moral imprecations from Parliament/the crown and to gladly defy moral or legal imperatives from any Crown or Parliament. Celts derive great pleasure from being individually free of imprecations from Parliament or the crown. They can just suck their own dicks. In that respect, at least, the IRA were absolutely correct, although, a deeper human respect prohibits me from admiring violence, either (and mostly ) from the Crown or the IRA.

July 19th will be a great day for England, God bless them, they are closer than ever to being independent of a Crown or any other type of headgear.