Rosie Langridge

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Sunday in the Park With Rosie

by Rosie Langridge Sunday being warm and sunny, we set off for the park. Not sure if that was a reasonable excuse or if we were indulging in a criminal activity. There were crowds of people looking relaxed. Lulled – almost – into a parallel universe where life is as it should be. I wandered through a wide open door into a spacious café and looked around at the piled up tables and chairs, the barricaded display of artwork for sale, and the paintings on the wall. I just ignored the ‘people’ lined up in their masks. The ethical case for expecting me to overcome my aversion is slim. They choose to do it, not me. I’d entirely forgotten about the one-way system business, and was unaware that I’d come in at the ‘wrong door’. I made my way backwards up the queue until a big burly man moved to block my way and towered over me saying, “There’s a one-way system for a reason,” and then blamed me for having "forced" him to speak to me. His muzzle was bizarrely emblazoned with “Lest we forget”. I nearly managed to remain polite. But standing there I realised what we lockdown sceptics need to be doing now – our civic duty is to go into public places and behave in an...

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May 2024
Free Speech Union

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