Niall McCrae

‘No Jab, No Job’: Can Healthcare Staff be Coerced Into Getting Vaccinated?

by Niall McCrae Mandatory vaccination for staff in elderly care homes has been suggested by the Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, employers introducing a ‘no jab, no job’ policy are treading on thin ice, as legal action could be taken agains them for coercing staff to take a vaccine, particularly if any harm is caused. The majority of healthcare workers are women of childbearing age, a group on which the Covid vaccines have not been properly tested. Furthermore, a significant proportion of this workforce is composed of people who belong to 'vaccine hesitant' minorities. Ordinarily, no workers should be forced into a medical intervention that they do not want. Mandating vaccination is ethically problematic, particularly for products approved under emergency provisions, before testing is complete. The final experimental phase for COVID-19 vaccines is being conducted with billions of people effectively acting as trial participants. With strong pressure by the Government and employers, consent might not be freely given or informed. As a registered mental health practitioner, I sat on a NHS ethics committee for 11 years, and for four years I managed a major clinical trial. Recently, I became a trade union representative and already I am dealing with several cases of grievance and disciplinary action arising from a reluctance by health care workers to take one...

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December 2022
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