Jonathan Van-Tam Declares That Too Many Think the Pandemic Is Over

Worried about rising case rates, Jonathan Van-Tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, has told members of the public to receive their booster shots and wear masks, while also commenting that too many think that the pandemic is already over. The Mirror has more.

He warned the every day actions of Brits will be crucial in determining how bad the pandemic gets.

Britain has had among the worst infection rates in Europe over the past month, and few restrictions to stop the spread of Covid.

So far the Government has resisted calls to launch its ‘Plan B’, which would see a return to home working and mandatory face mask wearing.

“The rates are still very high at the moment”, Professor Van-Tam told BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 5 Live.

“They are higher than in most of Europe. And we are running quite hot – I think that’s the right expression.

“And, of course, it’s of concern to scientists that we are running this hot this early in the autumn season.

“And so, from that perspective, I’m afraid it’s caution, followed by caution, and we need to watch these data very carefully indeed over the next days and weeks.”

He added: “Too many people believe that this pandemic is now over. I personally feel there are some hard months to come in the winter and it is not over.

“The caution that people take or don’t take in terms of interacting with each other: that is going to be a big determinant in what happens between now and the darkest months of the winter”.

Despite a recent 10% dip in weekly cases, the UK remains at the top of the European charts when it comes to daily Covid infections.

Worth reading in full.

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