Calling All Readers in the Reopened States in America – We Want to Hear From You

At Lockdown Sceptics we want to hear from our readers in the United States of America, and particularly those living in reopened states like Texas, Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota and so on. As the U.K. Government is set to announce yet another month of socially destructive, economically ruinous restrictions – and suggestions of restrictions continuing for another year or even permanently have been voiced by Government ministers and advisers – we want to tell the stories they don’t want people to hear, of Western regions where life is back to normal and people don’t live under Government-induced fear and endless restrictions on basic freedoms.

Tell us about what life is like for you now, when restrictions were lifted, and what people’s attitude around you is to the virus. Do you have a video of a large crowd you were in recently that we could put up – maybe a sports stadium or a concert?

Email us here. If you have footage to share that’s too large for an email maybe tweet it so we can link to it. I imagine many people in these states have stopped keeping up-to-date with the latest Covid nonsense, but if you are still reading Lockdown Sceptics and have a story to tell of living free please get in touch. We’ll publish as many as we can.

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