Swedish School Sends Pupil Home for Wearing Face Mask

A mother in Sweden has revealed that her 13-year-old son was banned from attending classes at an international school in the Stockholm region until he agreed to remove the mask he was wearing. The Local, an English-language European news site, has more.

Linus decided to wear a face mask when he returned to classes at the British International School Stockholm (BISS) in Danderyd, outside Stockholm, on Monday. The school teaches around 550 children aged 3-17, according to its website.

“I decided to wear a mask to school. The first lesson [goes] fine with it on. But then in the beginning of lesson two, the teacher asks me to take my mask off, and I of course say that I didn’t want to because of the coronavirus,” he wrote in an email, forwarded to the Local.

Linus said he was then made to wait isolated in a room for three hours before his mother, Sarah Jefford, a wine educator who grew up in Switzerland, was able to pick him up.

A wine educator?!? I didn’t know that job existed. Where do I apply?

Worth reading in full.

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