Can the Anti-Lockdown Forces Unite in a Political Coalition?

We’re publishing a guest post today by Geoff Cox, co-founder of the campaign group Back to Normal, calling for the various anti-lockdown political parties to form a front populaire and take on pro-lockdown candidates in elections. Back to Normal delivers easy to understand, anti-lockdown postcards directly to households across the country. Their target is to deliver one million postcards and they’re currently up to 700,000.

I can’t say we at Back to Normal entirely predicted the course of events over the last 18 months, but it was always clear to us that the covid nonsense would eventually run out of steam. Then, we would have a new fight on our hands to undo all the left-over legislation and restore our freedoms. At the same time globalists and new authoritarians would be coming up with new reasons for more legislation and big state over-reach.

I suspect that time may have arrived. But even if it hasn’t, it will arrive in due course and we must consider our next steps. I suggest our side joins together to take a broader libertarian stance, standing up for free speech v cancel culture, for a free internet v censorship, for privacy v the surveillance state, and so on. We must look to the future as next time the Government comes for us, they will be better prepared, more confident and will operate to greater effect.

Pressure groups can only do so much to change the Government’s mind about anything that globalists and unelected ‘experts’ demand. Furthermore, short of reading and commenting, there is little that grass roots activists and members of the public can do to support these groups. But the globalists have an even bigger weakness at grass roots level and this is one area where we can outflank them.

I’ve never been on a campaign that has so many good people on our side – spokesmen for “our movement” will not be hard to come by. Nor are we short of social media outlets where a huge spike in entrepreneurial activity to combat the Covid narrative has produced more websites and videos than we can shake a stick at. We also have some fair-minded broadcasting outlets, such as UK Column and GB News, where we can set out our stall. But what we do not yet have is a political movement to take votes away from pro-lockdown politicians at elections. Everyone knows this is a hard thing to do, but it is part of the process and we must threaten politicians at the ballot box. I had hoped one of the new political parties would have emerged as a front runner by now. But this has not happened. So I appeal to Reclaim, Reform, Freedom Alliance, Heritage, and the others to actively find ways to merge. If this can happen, Back to Normal is ready to support and run a local group network for this merged political party. We would like to speak to any of the political parties about this right now.

In the meantime, we are continuing to deliver postcards door to door promoting ivermectin, as this really will end the Covid cover story and prevent it ever coming back. Please order your box (or more) of Back to Normal ivermectin cards and join our local group network by emailing, or contact us through the website