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The Lockdown Files Live

Tickets are still available to see Isabel Oakeshott interviewed live on stage on June 13th at the Hippodrome about the Lockdown Files. The show will include actors reading out some of the messages. Only £25!

The Lockdown Files Live

Tickets to the Lockdown Files Live, featuring Isabel Oakeshott, Laurence Fox, Tim Hudson and me, are now on sale. It will be at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster on June 10th. For more details, click on the link.

Why I Admire Isabel Oakeshott

One reason Oakeshott has been given such a hard time is because she’s not considered 'one of us' by senior journalists. She’s an interloper, but one who appears to be better at her job than them, which is intolerable.

The Lockdown Files

The Telegraph has got hold of a cache of WhatsApp messages between Matt Hancock and the main decision-makers during the pandemic. It confirms our worst suspicions. They weren't 'following the Science'. It was a clown show.

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