27 March 2021  /  Updated 17 July 2021
Vaccine passports: ...
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Vaccine passports: The Narrative so far...

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"Remember last Sunday? That was when Sajid Javid said "No vaccine passports in England" before this was walked back to "they are not ruled out forever". Today Johnson says they are “an important part of our repertoire”. "We reserve the right to come back to you and say we think that’s going to be necessary."
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If reports on Twitter are correct, the databasing has already started. The EU and Israel have signed an agreement to share (illegally) data about individual citizens' covid vaccine status.

No doubt at all, the UK govt's proposal to share/sell private medical records of all UK citizens would have fed into this in due course when the vaccine database morphs into the fuller global surveillance/ biometric ID system.

Govts are now at war with freedom, the rule of law and with the people who put them where they are.

Boris Xiohnson has little choice but to not rule out the introduction of vaccine passports (the true end game). Another lockdown is therefore also inevitable.

This one will be blamed squarely on the unjabbed, evidenced by manipulated, contorted and highly selective data which will be unquestioningly fed upon by bought and compliant "journalists" and regurgitated in the MSM.