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Spike protein collects in ovaries and bone marrow according to Pfizer data from Japan.

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My instinct was to dismiss it as fear-mongering, but note a relevant clinical trial is now being done by a reputable medical centre in Israel.


I remain sceptical but prudent not to add to the list of madnesses until said trial reports, eh, Fon?

Yes David , I'm suspicious of it, but it may not be a madness. The list of madnesses now includes a section for bonkers ideas, as subscribed to by the site's lunatics. And another section for plausible ideas, and another for exaggerations, here's the list, I've promoted ovary destruction to be plausible.

Starting with least crazy, and getting worse as it gets longer....

Probably True Ideas or at least plausible

  • lockdowns do not work. Half the tories hate them

  • ivermectin has been ignored despite being a miracle cure.

  • leading politicians at the cabinet/SAGE level, are liars. success here, and Hancock is toppled. Also Cummings (Barnard Castle), Ferguson(secret lovers), Witty, Vallance and Johnson have all suffered great ridicule.

  • vaccines ruin your ovaries. moved up from ridiculous since it is being seriously studied
  • Probably whacky or exaggerated ideas

  • China developed the virus for America and unleashed it in an act of warfare/. unverifiable

  • denounce plain lockdown sceptics as traitors self defeating

  • proclaim some random scientist( Heneghan/ Yeadon, Kory, Lawrie and Hill ) as new messiahs.

  • blame the whole crisis on a covid casedemic. unverifiable

  • insist majority of cases are fake, hence the majority of covid deaths are due to something else. unverifiable

  • first insist vaccines are useless and lethal

  • vaccine messes with your hair!

  • insist vaccine is a plan to enslave the world, by Gates, Soros,

  • it is a plot to do genocide by injection.

  • decide that care homes are a modern version of Dachau/Auschwitz and Hancock is today's Eichmann, with Johnson the new Fuhrer ! suspect SAGE of genocide!

  • Oxford University is part of an the axis of evil conspiracy against ivermectin

  • add TOGETHER Trial to the axis of evil against ivermectin.

  • vaccines contain Graphene to make you Magnetic
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