Millicent and Nigel

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Postcard From the Maldives

by Millicent and Nigel Since winning the ‘Save the NHS’ scratch card lottery last year Nigel and I made a firm decision to adhere to the principles of Health & Safety that have underpinned our life to date. Our journey to the Maldives began with sufficient Covid safe measures in place. Heathrow was a Covid friendly delight with strict social distancing and mask wearing enforced. We were comforted by our airline mandating full face visors over our masks, alongside gloves for all passengers. Prior to boarding all passengers temperature was taken causing me a great deal of anxiety being in the midst of menopause. Mercifully I passed and was relieved to see all stewards sensibly dressed in outfits suitable for a modern operating theatre. However I did nearly withdraw my carbon offset payment when I noticed a fellow passenger removing his visor mid flight. He may have been inside his own cubicle in business class, but Nigel and I felt it reckless in the midst of a global pandemic. Imagine however our horror on arrival at our resort when the hoteliers suggested we had no need for footwear… do they not understand that the killer virus can spread from surfaces? Why should our feet be exempt? Not to mention the verruca risk. No thank you. Nigel and I have kept...

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May 2024
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