Mark Percario

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Postcard From Georgia

by Mark Percario I have been enjoying all the great content you have been creating and I greatly appreciate your efforts! The postcards are especially interesting, and I thought I’d write about a recent visit to the state of Georgia in the good ’ole USA. My wife and I travelled to Helen, Georgia, a small town in the foothills just north of Atlanta that had proclaimed itself a Bavarian themed town in 1969. It had been a logging town prior to this and is now the third most visited town in Georgia even though its population is only 430. The town is very charming and is 100% modeled in an Alpine/Bavarian style – even the fast-food restaurants! Georgia has been a mostly open state throughout the pandemic drama and does not have a state mask requirement. This was very evident during my first encounter at a gas station/convenience store where mask usage was very mixed and there was no signage regarding restrictions of any kind. Our first night in Helen we dined at the Bodensee where they took our temperature and sprayed hand sanitizer on our hands. I was wearing gloves and the matron would have happily just sprayed the gloves instead of my hands! Everyone was very friendly and mask usage was very mixed. The staff were all donning...

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June 2024
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