Manfred Horst

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Channelling Goebbels?

Manfred Horst In March 2020, the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) was involved in the preparation of a 17-page strategy paper entitled How We Can Get COVID-19 Under Control. The paper can still be retrieved from the ministry’s official website. One essential focus of this paper is the communication strategy to be followed by the government, aimed at encouraging the population to trust and accept the measures which were going to be imposed. This strategy explicitly involved the creation of an emotional “shock effect” and the singling out of children as culpable transmitters of disease. The scenario paper How We Can Get COVID-19 Under Control was prepared by external scientists in March 2020 with the participation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). It was completed on Sunday, 22nd March 2020 – the day on which the German state premiers and the Chancellor decided on the initial lockdown measures. How We Can Get COVID-19 Under Control recommends methods of propaganda and mass influence which, up to this day, remain precisely the elements of Government strategy that are unmistakable components of reporting in the round-the-clock news on all official channels and in most of the media, not just in Germany, but almost everywhere in the world. Methods which are terribly reminiscent of the ones used by the most...

Covid Madness

by Manfred Horst Ophelia (1851) by John Everett Millais. Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t.Shakespeare, Hamlet II,2 Perhaps we should consider it a privilege to live one of the absurdest and grotesquest episodes of recent world history. Perhaps we should consider it a privilege to witness how easily scientific and democratic control mechanisms can be overwhelmed by a global panic disorder. Perhaps we should consider it a privilege to be merely publicly and socially ostracised if we dare utter a dissenting opinion to the uniform mainstream madness and hysteria. Perhaps we should consider it a privilege to only be fined or imprisoned (not eliminated) if we dare disobey ridiculous and inhuman governmental orders. Certainly, in the developed West, we must also consider it a privilege to still be living quite well. Any one of the hundreds of subtypes of common cold/bronchitis viruses which assail our immune systems every year would produce the same clinical and epidemiological features as SARS-CoV-2 – if we decide to test and look for it: Non-specific symptoms - fever, cough, headaches, muscle aching, diarrhea etc.If we look very closely, perhaps we’ll find something a little more exotic (but still not truly specific), e.g. anosmia and ageusiaA generally benign and transitory illnessIn some rare cases, longer-lasting sequelaePossible severe complications in elderly, frail and...

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July 2024
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