Jack Maclure

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Unlock Manifesto

by Jack McClure We are Unlock, a student-led campaign that aims to highlight the irrationality and inherent unfairness of lockdown policies.  Unlock believes that lockdowns are highly damaging, based on overzealous science, and contrary to the very foundations of our traditional British liberty. Our mission is to raise awareness about the unforeseen, true costs of lockdown – the shocking excess deaths, the mental health struggles, and the decades worth of damage to our small businesses. This campaign seeks to give a real voice to people who can testify to the impact of lockdown on their lives. Our duty as citizens is to support the communities around us. Our aim is to increase public awareness of lockdown’s limitations, ultimately to push the government to rethink the cost of their actions. Our campaign has five goals: 1. Unlock business. We want to unlock the voices of small business owners who have borne the financial cost of lockdown. With regulations often announced at short notice, businesses have had an extremely stressful, uncertain experience in which they are constantly adapting how they trade (if at all). Business owners across the country made a heroic effort and investment in a time of great uncertainty to reopen their businesses in a new, Covid-safe manner; it is the businesses that are to thank for the restart of...

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May 2024
Free Speech Union

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