Georgie Day

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Postcard From Bali

by Georgie Day The author on a beach in Bali Terima Kasih! I have just placed my order at my go-to brekkie spot, Crate.  As I look around at the half-empty cafe deciding where to sit, I reminisce about the ‘old times’ when I probably would have just queued for 15 minutes to order my food, and it would be more of a game of looking for who might be leaving soon and hovering around them so I could take their seat. Crate has always been an incredibly popular brunch destination in Canggu, renowned for its reasonable prices and generous portions of fresh and delicious food. While notoriously edgy and ‘cool’, Crate is widely but mostly favourited by Instagrammers, surfers, tall-iced latte-drinkers, bucket hat-wearers, loud dirt-bike drivers, the sunburnt or hungover, brunch culture enthusiasts staying in the ’Gu. Now as I look around the cafe, I must remember that over the past year the demographic of Canggu as it stands today has become one it has never seen or been before. Having said that, the signature ‘hipster’ vibe and current population of Crate still remains intact, although equally reflecting the ‘new normal’ community, and today is (from what I can estimate) predominantly populated with individuals like myself; digital nomads ‘stuck’ in Bali. I have chosen a large table inside to...

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May 2024
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