Gavin Phillips

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Interview With a Registered Nurse

By Gavin Phillips Where are all the patients? This is an interview with a nurse with over 20 years’ experience. Jessica (pseudonym) has worked in a large NHS hospital for the majority of the time from February through September. I have met with Jessica and have verified that she is a registered nurse. She wishes to remain anonymous at this time. Q. Do you work in the same hospital most of the time?Answer: Yes Q. What size is the hospital, how many beds are there?Answer: Over 800 Q. Different nurses often have different areas where they work in a hospital. In which departments do you usually work?Answer: All departments. Care of the Elderly, Medicine, Surgical and Emergency area. As well as specialities like Stroke, Gynae etc. Q. Please walk us through a typical shift for you. The types of patients you would help and what you would be doing.Answer: After handover from the night staff lasting about half an hour, I would then begin my morning medication round. This would probably finish between 9 and 9.30, by which time doctors would be on ward. I would prioritise and attend to my most unwell patients first, making sure they had the fluids or other products they need, like blood transfusions or antibiotic infusions. If on surgical ward I would prepare my patients for theatre, liaising...

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April 2024
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