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The Corona Virus Pandemic, an Analysis: Part 3

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Part Three – A Vivisection of the Idiocy As the title implies, I am outraged, and my reasons will become abundantly clear as you read on. The Corona Pandemonium was grotesquely mismanaged from its very inception, as I described in the previous two articles. It was driven initially by the computer ‘modelers’ and public health nutcases, otherwise known as left-wing sociopaths, still hell bent on destroying capitalism after their failed putsch with global warming. In Part Three I intend to dismember limb-by-limb virtually every intervention that has been so forcibly foisted on us, using a combination of (largely) common sense and (some) medical knowledge. If my rant seems excessive to sensitive eyes, I urge you to hold your venom until the end, and then compare the utterly indefensible arbitrary measures with the untimely and unnecessary deaths for so many of our loved ones, and the totally unwarranted devastation of the global economy with hundreds of millions (that’s MILLIONS by the way) of people now out of work and facing a highly uncertain future. The manipulated scale of threat and the inestimable consequences of the so-called ‘control’ measures begs for a vivisection as the beast is still alive. So here it is. But first, a quick update on the US stats – these are the only ones that...

The Corona Virus Pandemic, an Analysis: Part 2

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Part Two – How to Prepare for the Next Big One Lessons learned In Part One, good grounds were presented to describe how perverted the COVID-19 experience has been to date. Just about every resource expected to help define and support an effective public health response proved to be suspect: the WHO, CDC, FDA, NIAID, laboratory testing, statistics and computerised modelling, assessment of treatment options and the media. Those serious deficiencies plus the lack of preparedness were made painfully obvious, with a devastating number of unnecessary deaths and a severe interruption of the global economy. We must seriously re-examine how to minimise deaths while not killing commerce. The cure must not be worse than the disease! Eight major failures created a perfect storm: The ‘experts’ at all levels were often flat out wrongBureaucratic obstructionism was rampantComputer modelling wildly exaggerated riskThe media fanned the fire, driving unprecedented public paranoiaLarge scale testing was dangerously delayedMany well intentioned interventions were just plain guess workEssential medical supplies, equipment and drugs had not been strategically stockpiledOur political leaders succumbed to disinformation and media hysteria But the most important lesson was that Common Sense was singularly ignored! So let’s review what must be done before ‘The Next Big One’. The WHO To be blunt, heads should roll. In particular Drs. Adhanom and Ryan...

The Corona Virus Pandemic, an Analysis: Part 1

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Part One – Who failed and why The World Health Organization (WHO) Statistically speaking, given the probable origin of SARS and COVID-19 in China, the next pandemic is likely to originate there also. That’s a problem. China was secretive about the start of its local COVID-19 epidemic (and still is), wasting valuable weeks before alerting the WHO of its existence which then downplayed its significance for the rest of the world. An early warning system is a vital starting point for effective international response to future pandemics. Clearly, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the WHO cannot be trusted to act any differently in the future. Furthermore, the (current) head of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, is not a physician as have been all his predecessors, and has questionable credentials to effectively lead such a vital international resource at a critical moment in world history. He has, at times, acted as China’s apologist in this whole fiasco, compounding the problem by disseminating China's misinformation under the imprimatur of the WHO early in the pandemic. A senior WHO official responsible for the global response to this pandemic, Dr. Michael Ryan, has actually stated that “we may have to enter homes and remove family members” if they are COVID-19 positive – but in a “dignified manner”. It would seem...

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July 2024
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