Dr David Anderson and Dr David Grimes and Dr Parag Singhal

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Unlock Defensive Immunity With Vitamin D

by David C Anderson MD MSc. FRCP FRCPath, David S Grimes MD FRCP, Parag Singhal MD FRCP and Chris Williams BSc. A side of smoked salmon from Bleiker's Smokehouse, a great source of Vitamin D Dear Fellow Citizens, We would like to impress upon you the importance of protection against COVID-19 by correcting Vitamin D deficiency, which is so widespread in our population. The answer is simple: take Vitamin D3, 100 micrograms (4,000 units) daily. We have all have been through a great deal of inconvenience, anxiety and lockdown during the course of this year, but despite this, COVID-19 is out of control in some areas. The Government has borrowed £400 billion yet failed to prevent more than 50,000 deaths – which works out at £8 million per funeral! The phrase “following the science” has been used repeatedly, but this is inaccurate. Rather, we have been following the mathematicians, whose ignorance of biological science is dire. To date, the disruptive and damaging attempts to control COVID-19 have been physical in nature. Lockdowns, ‘social distancing’, masks, etc. as if we are fighting a conventional war. Whereas. in reality, we are trying to defend ourselves against a virus, which is invisible and is transmitted through the air in its trillions. The virus will always be with us but we can develop immunity...

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May 2024
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