Amy Harvey

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The Price of the Truth About COVID-19 and the Cost of the Lie

by Amy Harvey Let’s conduct a thought experiment. Consider this: If the price of your comfortable lifestyle in the Western world was paid for by three and a half million deaths, would you accept that price? If the price of your cheap fashionable clothes made in China, your smart phones and computers manufactured in China, and 63% of all the amazingly inexpensive, mass produced consumer goods that you buy from Amazon that come from Chinese sellers and manufacturers – if the price for all these things was three and a half million lives, would you accept it? Would you take the smart phones, the fashions, and high tech gizmos and tell yourself that the three and a half million lives were someone else’s problem and that they didn’t really effect you personally? Is your smartphone worth those three and half million lives? Does the pay-off equation only work when you add up: your sneakers, your casual shoes, your suit, your make up, your car, your stereo, your headphones, your underwear, your umbrella, your raincoat, your sunscreen, your DVDs, your printer, your lamps and lightbulbs, your TVs, your remote controls, your roof insulation, your water filters, your microprocessors, your battery charger, the cement you will use to build your next house. Maybe it’s only when you add up all the things...

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July 2024
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