Why are the BBC and YouTube STILL Censoring Views Critical of Masks?

There follows a guest post by Jeffrey Peel, who was shocked to discover that, despite mask mandates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland being history, the BBC and YouTube are still censoring views that criticise masks, including cutting off a guest mid-sentence.

Last week I was in London. Part of the reason was to attend a meeting of Together, the campaign organisation that’s behind the Together Declaration. It was last July when the organisation last had a big meeting, so I was looking forward to seeing Alan Miller and others who have been campaigning so hard over the last months against Government proposed mandates: masks, vaccination and digital IDs.

However, just before leaving my hotel for the meeting, I had an email from Hugh McCarthy, a former Head Teacher and well known education specialist. Hugh had been invited on to a BBC news and current affairs programme on BBC Radio Ulster. The show is hosted by William Crawley. However, during the programme, when Hugh was outlining how masks in the classroom get in the way of the teaching process, and impede the ability of teachers and children to communicate, he was taken off air. Literally when he was mid-sentence.

I had a similar experience to Hugh when I last appeared on the programme on December 18th, 2020. Crawley’s way is to talk over, shout down, or bully guests that don’t agree with the BBC Covid narrative (on the rare occasions they’re invited on). However, the Chief Medical Officer or Chief Scientific Adviser are treated to uninterrupted reverence.

When I listened to the programme, featuring Hugh, on BBC Sounds, I was appalled. So I asked Hugh if he’d like to be interviewed on camera and say some of the things he’d like to have said on the programme. He’s a retired school teacher and principal. So he speaks with knowledge, and with consideration, about the process of education and how best to teach. He researches his subject. And the video outlined the evidence against masks, against children being vectors of disease and about the need to put the needs of children first. He has articulated these views widely and has been published by Panda and the Daily Sceptic.

I put the video on YouTube on Thursday night. By Friday morning it had close to 700 views. The trailer had over 10,000 views on Twitter. Hardly Joe Rogan but not too bad. But then I was informed by YouTube that the video violated YouTube’s guidelines and had been removed.

So despite the Government mandates on masks being removed it’s still the BBC’s and YouTube’s view that citizens are unable to express the view that the policies (now effectively cancelled in the U.K., though Scotland is hanging on till March) were ever wrong or ill-advised. The fact is, though, that the devolved administrations and schools continue to mandate (or effectively mandate) these mad policies. But for the avoidance of doubt: kids are at negligible risks from Covid and masks do next to nothing to mitigate the spread of an airborne virus. Oh, and masks and good education are incompatible.

I’ve now loaded the video to Vimeo. Please watch. And please retweet this.

This article was first published on Jeffrey’s Subtstack page, the New Era.

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September 2022
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