Postcard from Melbourne – a PPS

I’m starting to wonder if I’m in some sort of horror version of The Truman Show, I’m really starting to think it is time to get out of Australia before someone invites the Chinese authorities in to keep the proles under control.

So latest developments…

State of Emergency extended again and will reach its legal 6 month limit on Sept 13th. No worry, Kim Jong Dan is working with the solicitor general to make it possible to extend the State of Emergency indefinitely.

Turns out in April the Victorian Government and Vicstapo were asking the military to bring in Afghanistan spec military drones to track down and monitor lockdown breakers and mask non-wearers (Better warn Mr Delingpole not to visit Melbourne for the foreseeable future he might literally get a rocket up his arse hehe). It comes to something when it is the military that said no, this isn’t a good look to use military surveillance on civilians.

And after a couple of days being told that ‘cases’ are declining but so are tests and more people must report for testing the Supreme Leader has already started wittering on about a ‘third wave’ and how Victoria isn’t even ready to discuss a rolling back of the current lockdown.

Anyway on a positive note one thing the Aussies do rather well is the good old ‘off licence’. We have a brand called Dan Murphy’s which is like a Sainsbury’s superstore for alcoholics and they are ‘essential’ and open. Not sure if you’re a wine drinker but if so I reckon you could waste a few hours browsing in one of their stores. Time for my daily hour of exercise to get some ‘essential’ supplies I do believe. A few bottles of Barossa Valley Shiraz should ‘ease’ the lockdown!!

(Not my local one, just an example of how much alcohol you can get in one place at one time….)

August 2022
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