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Today's update on Lockdown Sceptics is here. Includes a brilliant response to @cjsnowdon's @quillette article, readers' comments about @NeilDotOBrien's new website and a psychologist's explanation of "Stockholm Syndrome".

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NHS Pressuring People to Sign "Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate" Orders Lucy, 93, had a surprise visit from a frailty nursing practitioner with an unwelcome follow-up in the post In a further sign of how "protect the NHS" gets things precisely backwards (the NHS is supposed to protect us) and puts the vested interests of the organisation ahead of the medical needs of the public, NHS medical staff have been caught pressuring older people to sign "Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate" orders and even imposing them without consent. The Mail has the details, telling the story of 93 year-old Lucy. All in all, Lucy enjoys a good quality of life and apart from some age-related ailments she had been rated as 'three' on the NHS Clinical Frailty Scale (one is 'very fit' and nine is 'terminally ill').Despite all this, the morning after the nurse's unannounced visit to conduct a 'frailty review', an envelope was delivered to Lucy's flat containing an A4-size notice with a stark red border.Designed to be displayed in her home, it was a "Do Not Attempt To Resuscitate Order" — known as a DNAR or DNR — and it stated that Lucy should not be resuscitated by doctors, nurses, or emergency paramedics if her heart stopped. It was signed by the frailty nursing practitioner."I was shocked the ...

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The PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance give a Coronavirus Data Briefing in 10 Downing Street on September 21st. Picture by Pippa Fowles / No 10 Downing Street. Today, we're proud to be bringing you a new blockbuster piece by Dr Mike Yeadon in which he debunks the notion that we're in the midst of a 'second wave' – he believes most parts of England reached herd immunity by June of this year – and systematically takes apart the PCR testing data that seems to show daily cases number tens of thousand a day. This is, as he and Dr Clare Craig have said before, a false positive pseudo-epidemic. But Dr Yeadon has never set out his case so clearly, and with such a wealth of evidence, as he has done in this new article. He's particularly illuminating on the shortcomings of the super-labs set up to process hundreds of thousands of PCR tests every day, drawing on his own 29-year career conducting and supervising laboratory work in UK. Here's an extract in which he summarises his argument: In brief: the pandemic was over by June and herd immunity was the main force which turned the pandemic and pressed it into retreat. In the autumn, the claimed “cases” are an ...

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Government Agrees Plan to 'Save Christmas' Unpublished sketch by Telegraph cartoonist Bob Moran At a COBR meeting yesterday afternoon chaired by Michael Gove, the UK Government agreed plans with the First Ministers of the devolved nations to allow up to three households to gather over the five-day period between the 23rd and 27th of December. People will be able to travel freely across all areas of the UK, with an extra day of leeway at either end afforded to anyone wishing to travel in and out of Northern Ireland, to allow for the added journey time. The announcement comes after days of speculation in the media about the fate of the Christmas festivities. The temporary relaxation of restrictions came with several caveats, as the Times reports: Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister, agreed the exemption with the First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland at a COBR meeting this afternoon, saying the Christmas rules “will offer hope for families and friends who have made many sacrifices over this difficult year”.Mr Gove conceded that “the Christmas period this year will not be normal” but said that “families and friends will now have the option to meet up in a limited and cautious way across the UK should they wish".Family meetings will be limited to private homes and outdoor spaces, with ...

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