UKHSA Efficacy Stats Death Watch: Week 48

We’re republishing a post this morning by the German Substacker who calls himself ‘Eugyppius’. Looks like he’s been kicked off Twitter – shock! You can subscribe to his Substack email newsletter here.

Not much has changed in the UKHSA Week 48 Covid vaccine surveillance report. Cases by vaccination status:

We see continued improvement in infection rates in the 80+ vaccinated cohort, extending to the those in their 70s as well. This is very likely down to the booster campaign, and it’s more or less what we’d have expected: the vaccines provide protection that after some months appears to decay to the point of negative efficacy. The boosters then bring you back into positive territory, for a time. 

Of course the offending numbers are still greyed out:

While UKHSA objections to the reliability of the relative rates apply to every second column reporting “rates among persons not vaccinated”, you’ll notice they only grey out the statistics that are unfavourable to the vaccines. The other columns, which according to their own arguments are equally unreliable, can be printed in ordinary typeface. 

The new 60-day death rate by vaccination status also shows a slight improvement in the vaccinated 80+ bracket. They’re now doing slightly better than unvaccinated 70 year-olds: 

Finally, the death numbers:

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